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We are currently accepting consignment applications for our Winter 1997 on-line catalog.

To Apply

1. Send us an EMAIL message describing your item. Attach to the EMAIL message a JPG or GIF picture. Include in the message how much you want to sell your hand crafted item for. When we list your item in our catalog we will add the price of our commission. Also, include shipping and handling charge. We require you ship the item with new packing material.

2. We will evaluate your application. If you were unable to provide a GIF or JPG picture we will ask you to mail us a picture, VCR tape, or HI8 tape. The picture, VCR tape, or HI8 tape will not be returned.

3. Once your application is accepted you will need to mail a $25 catalog fee.


1. Your hand-crafted item will be shown in our on-line catalog. When we receive a reservation request we will EMAIL you

2. You will be required to respond to our EMAIL message. You will then get your item ready for shipping.

3. We will notify the customer to send us the order and money.

4. The customer mails us the order and money.

5. We notify you to mail the item to the customer.

6. You mail the item to the customer.

7. We attempt to verify the customer receives the item in good condition.

8. We mail you the money for the item (less our commission) and shipping and handling.

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