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To enter the MISS INTERNET 1998 WORLD COMPETITION fill out the form below. You must be at least 18 years old and your partisipation must not break any laws in the area you live. You will need to include your name, email address (will not be posted), location (such as country, city or, state), your interests, and a link to your web site (Optional). If you want us to include a link to your web site you will be required to put our banner and link on your web site's home page. See our Link section for graphics that are available. In addition you will need to send three pictures of yourself. We recommend one picture of you dressed formal, one in a swimsuit, and one in a teddy. We do not accept any nude pictures.

Each week we will host a competition. The first round contestants compete for a Semi Finalist position. Once the Semi Finalists are chosen, they will compete for a Finalist position. The Finalist will compete for MISS INTERNET 1998 title.

Please fill out the following form.
Miss Internet 1998 Contest
Entry Form

I am at least 18 years old.
I am legally able to enter this contest.
I own or have legal authority to give Miss Internet web site the use of all pictures I send them.
I give Miss Internet web site the right to use all pictures I send them. This includes, but not limited to, displaying them on their web site, allowing them to edit or crop the pictures, allowing them to use the pictures in advertisment for their web site, and any and all ways they may choose to use the pictures.
I give Miss Internet web site the right to use the information I provide them.
I acknowledge that Miss Internet web site makes all final decissions regarding the contest and competition.
I will not vote multipule times in this contest.
I will not encourage or suggest others to vote multipule time in this contest.
I agree that any legal disbutes will be resolved in San Diego, California court systems.

I agree with all the statements above.

Enter your Name:                  
Enter your Location:
Enter your Email Address:
What are your Interests:
Link to your web site (Optional):
If you want us to link to your web site, you must link to ours.

After you send form Email us your 3 pictures as an attachment.