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March 1999 Issue

Astronomy Digest

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News Throughout the Net

Data Supports Collision Split Earth and Formed Moon - NASA, March 16, 1999.

Happy Face on Mars - The Mars Global Surveyor’s camera has sent back photos of a 134-mile-wide crater that looks a lot like a “Happy Face” from the sky. - ABC News, March 12, 1999.

Saturn's Mysterious Moon - Skywatchers can view Saturn's enigmatic moon Titan through a small telescope this week - Space Science News, March 10, 1999.

Cosmic traffic jam crowds Andromeda galaxy core - CNN News, March 4, 1999.

Mars Life Even More Likely - Mars likely had water at one time, though how much and how long it was there is harder to figure out. - ABC News.

Once in a Blue Moon - For the first quarter of 1999, it means two-thirds of the time.- Space Science News, February 26, 1999.

A steamy cover-up on the Red Planet - Space Science News, February 18, 1999.

March Skies

Current Phase
of the Moon

Mar 01 - Full Moon
Mar 10 - Last Quarter
Mar 17 - New Moon
Mar 24 - First Quarter
Mar 31 - Full Moon

Messier Marathon - See all 110 Messier object in one night. March 17th, with the new moon, will be the best night for viewing.

Astronomy Magazine - The Sky Show in March.

Sky & Telescope - March 1999.

Product Review

The National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Night Sky.

If you are going to get one astronomy book get The National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Night Sky. This book has monthly star charts, moon maps, definitions of objects in space, and gives information about our planets.

Did you ever want to know how far Betelgeuse is from earth, why do 12 constellations make up the Zodiac, how to find M13 in the sky? This is the book for you.

Click on the book cover if you would like to order the book through Barnes and Noble.

Before You Go To A Dark Sky Site

Before you go to a dark sky site you have to check out these web sites.

GSOC Satellite Predictions - You input your city and the web site lets you know what satelliteswill be passing by over head that night. I use this site before I go to a star party. I not only give sky tours with my telescope, but I point out Mir as it goes by.

The Constellations and their Stars - This site has good reference material. Check out the Messier objects section of the web site. There are pictures for each Messier object. You will want to find the Messier objects in the sky if you are just starting out in astronomy. It is easier to find the objects if you know what they look like.

Astronomy Web Site, Sky Events - Astronomy Magazine has created a great web site. The Sky Events section lists what is in the sky each month. From planets to asteroids, the skies are always changing.

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