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June 1999 Issue

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SOHO spies the far side of the Sun - A new technique for viewing the previously hidden side of the Sun could improve space weather forecasting. - Space Science News, June 23, 1999.

Solar Eclipse Fever in Europe - Europe prepares for Solar Eclipse - CNN, June 23, 1999.

Leonids on the Horizon - What's in store for the 1999 Leonid meteor shower? Experts make their predictions. - Space Science News, June 22, 1999.

Chandra Telescope has X-Ray Vision - Chandra will provide x-ray observations 100 times better than any telescope today. - Fox, June 21, 1999.

Gemini Twin Telescopes takes First Pictures of Pluto and Charon - Gemini twin telescopes in Hawaii and Chile start to focus their observations on Pluto and Pluto's moon Charon. - BBC, June 18, 1999.

Scientist Study Star Group - This Star Group may date back to the beginning of time. 11 billion years ago. - CNN, June 18, 1999.

Mars has a Heart - A big 1.4 mile heart. - CNN, June 18, 1999.

HALE-BOPP Reveals Comet Origin - Hale-Bopp was formed in the region between Jupiter and Neptune. - NASA News Press Release, June 16, 1999.

June Skies

Current Phase
of the Moon

June 07 - Last Quarter
June 13 - New Moon
June 20 - First Quarter
June 28 - Full Moon

Astronomy Magazine - The Sky Show in June.

Sky & Telescope - June 1999 Skies.

Product Review

365 Starry Nights .

Chet Raymo takes a Reader's Digest approach to Astronomy and presents the wonders of the universe in an enjoyable and easy to read manner. The book is divided into 365 segments to give a clear picture of the sky every night of the year.

This is an Excellent book to learn the sky and constelations. The main focus of the book is naked eye astronomy, but would also be useful for binocular and small telescope observers. The book is full of hundreds of charts, drawings, and maps that help in explaining the night sky. Rather than sitting down and reading this book from cover to cover, I enjoy reading this book throughout the year.

365 Starry Nights would be a good book for a beginner astronomer, or anyone who enjoys the night skies.

Summer Nights

The Milky Way galaxy is a spiral galaxy with arms that start at the center of the galaxy and swirl outward. Recent findings suggest it may have a some what barrel shape. Everything in the universe seems to have a tendency to spin flat, like a CD. Moons and rings that orbit planets, planets and asteroids that orbit the sun, and stars that orbit the galactic center all spin flat. When you look at the big dipper, it is as if you were standing on a CD and were looking up. You see fewer stars within the Milky Way galaxy and you see more objects outside the Milky Way, such as other galaxies. (full story)

Before You Go To
A Dark Sky Site

Before you go to a dark sky site you have to check out these web sites.

Earth and Sky, Skywatching Center This is a great web site to visit every day. At the Skywatching Center interesting facts and information are presented about objects that are visible in the sky that night. These daily articles are very enjoyable to read. Great for beginners.

SETI: The Drake Equation by "The Mysterious and UnExplained" - The Drake Equation is a way to focus on the factors which determine how many intelligent and communicating civilizations there are in our galaxy. The Drake Equation moves the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence from fantasy to science, by simply asking real and practical questions. Visit this web site to learn more about the Drake Equation. Then, try the Drake Equation for yourself. Discover how many intelligent and communicating civilizations there should be in our galaxy.

NASA J=Pass Software - New software from NASA, called "J-Pass," can tell you when and where to spot satellites from your own backyard.

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