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Astronomy Digest

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All Other Astronomy Sites

SETI@home - Download software and help search for ET. Web Site and program is developed by UC Berkeley.

GSOC Satellite Predictions - Input your city and the web site lets you know what satellites will be passing by over head that night.

Skywatching Center - Information is presented about objects that are visible in the sky that night.

SETI: The Drake Equation - Discover how many intelligent and communicating civilizations there should be in our galaxy.

NASA J=Pass Software - New software from NASA, called "J-Pass," can tell you when and where to spot satellites from your own backyard.

Lana's Gateway to the Stars - If you want to learn the basics about Astronomy, start here !! Helpful Tips and great links will get you started.

Astronomy / Star Names - Astronomy links and list of proper star names.

Amateur Astronomy Foundation - Online Astronomy Education. All Courses FREE!!

International Institute of Space Exploration - Home study in astronautics - now you can learn what the astronauts learn!

Your Link Here - Place your link and short description here. For Astronomy web sites only.